Proposed B.I.D (Business Improvement District) Scheme - Sandyford Business Improvement District

Closed 7 Jun 2016

Opened 3 May 2016


Proposed B.I.D (Business Improvement District) Scheme

Local Government Act 2001 & the Local Government (Business Improvement Districts) Act 2006.

A proposal to establish a Business Improvement District (B.I.D) and to approve the implementation of a B.I.D scheme has been received from the Sandyford Business District Association Company Ltd (SDBA) in respect of the Sandyford Business District Area.

The purpose of establishing a Business Improvement District is to enable ratepayers within the boundaries of the proposed B.I.D to draw up a scheme of projects, services and works which are additional to those provided by Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council and will be carried out for the benefit of the Sandyford Business District B.I.D area.

If the Local Authority approves the proposal, having first conducted a plebiscite of local ratepayers, the B.I.D scheme will last for five years and be financed by an annual B.I.D contribution levy imposed on and collected from ratepayers of rateable property within the proposed Business Improvement District.

The key objective of the Sandyford Business Improvement District Scheme is to develop and implement a series of new and additional initiatives that are designed to both further promote and improve the Sandyford Business District area. The vision of the bid proponents is to establish Sandyford Business District as a world class destination in which to work and reside, a vibrant community of businesses and residents with a unique identity, a place where living, working, shopping and spending leisure time is attractive, easy and positive. The Sandyford Business Improvement District (SBiD) aims to develop a strong community among businesses and residents by creating a clear sense of identity and Place.


Why We Are Consulting

Where a proposal for a business improvement district scheme is received by a local authority the legislation requires that the local authority engage in a public consultation process and invite submissions and comments from the public in relation to the proposed scheme.  A report on the submissions received is then prepared by the local authority and that report, together with details of the submissions received, is made available to the bid scheme proponents and is also presented to the Elected Members at a meeting of the Council. Based on the submissions received a decision is then made on whether to proceed with the proposed bid scheme to a plebiscite of ratepayers within the proposed bid scheme area.


  • Glencullen/Sandyford Electoral Area


  • All Stakeholders


  • Plebiscites