Cross Avenue and Environs Road Safety Improvement Scheme

Closed 4 Mar 2016

Opened 25 Jan 2016

Results Updated 9 May 2016

This is the report that was brought to the Dún Laoghaire Area Committee meeting following public consultation



Introduction and background:

Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown are developing a road safety improvement scheme that will reduce the impact of traffic on the area, making it a safer environment for all road users.

As part of this scheme, various quality audits were undertaken within the study area to establish the needs of vulnerable users, identify maintenance issues and barriers to accessibility and to identify unnecessary signage, markings, street furniture etc.

Traffic speed and volume surveys and the road accident history (2005-2012) for the study area were assessed. This analysis was used to develop a final scheme, taking into consideration the issues raised and recommendations made in the workshop with local Elected Members and also in the survey results.

Proposed Scheme:

The proposed scheme comprises a new one way system for vehicular traffic along Cross Avenue in the westbound direction from Patrick Street to Convent Road.

This one way system will reduce the volume of through traffic and enhance road safety conditions for all road users, particularly residents who use the street. It will restrict accessibility for non-residents making rat-runs throughout the study area. The section of Cross Avenue between Patrick Street and Mulgrave Street and between Wolfe Tone Avenue and Library road will remain a two way system.

A wide variety of other upgrades to the area are also included (please see attached documents for details).

Library Road:

  • A potential option to discourage rat running from Northcote Avenue could be the construction of a public realm scheme in the form of a ‘Pocket – Park’ or ‘Mini Holland’ scheme on Library Road. A ‘Mini-Holland’ or a pocket park is essentially a public space which is accessible to pedestrians and cyclists but restricts vehicle access through use of planting or street furniture. The proposal to implement such a scheme on Library Road south of the existing entrance to Bloomfield Shopping Centre carpark would eliminate through traffic using this route to access the shopping centre and provide an improved public realm area for the residents and public.
  • The alternative solution to discourage the illegal right turning into the shopping centre carpark would involve the construction of realigned kerbing at the entrance to restrict this maneuvre.

An information evening will be held on a drop-in basis on February 12th 2016 between 4-7pm in the Dominican Primary School, Convent Road, Dún Laoghaire.

We encourage you to provide your submissions or observations regarding the scheme by clicking on the link below.


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