N11 Corridor at Greenfield Road Proposed Bus Stop Relocation from Mount Merrion Avenue

Closed 19 Oct 2016

Opened 6 Sep 2016


N11 Corridor at Greenfield Road –


Proposed Bus Stop Relocation from Mount Merrion Avenue


Non-Statutory Public Consultation


Introduction: -

Dún Laoghaire – Rathdown County Council has received a number of safety concerns about the location and layout of the inbound bus stop no. 2068 on the N11 dual-carriageway at the junction with Mount Merrion Avenue. 


Bus stop 2068 is located just north of the signalised pedestrian crossing, close to the pedestrian link through to Sycamore Crescent.  Road space is limited in this location due to a high demand for traffic lanes, and the provision of the N11 Quality Bus Corridor which is a high volume bus route. 


An off-road cycle track runs along the N11 dual-carriageway.  This is a high volume cycle track and is on a significant downhill gradient on the approach to the bus shelter.


The cycle track and footpath merge in advance of the pedestrian signals to become a ‘shared space’, which extends in front of the bus shelter.  The provision of a bus shelter and real-time passenger information is a requirement due to the high numbers of bus passengers on this strategic bus route.


Safety concerns arising from the existing layout of the bus stop/footpath/cycle track in this confined location have been raised with the Traffic section by Dublin Bus, the NTA, local residents and Councillors.  The main concerns relate to cyclists passing at speed past the bus stop, and the potential conflict between cyclists and pedestrians or bus users, particularly when bus passengers are alighting/disembarking.


Design: -

A number of design options have been considered by the Traffic section, including bringing the cycle track on-road in the bus lane in advance of the junction, modifications to the bus shelter, relocation of the shelter north or south of its current location, or provision of speed reduction measures on the cycle track.

There was no design option deemed suitable for this site given that the available footpath width is approximately 3.4m.


Proposals: -

Further to discussions with Dublin Bus and the NTA, a proposal has been developed to relocate the bus stop no.2068 and shelter away from the junction of the R138 with Mount Merrion Avenue, to a suitable location at the end of Greenfield Road. 


The available space here facilitates provision of a bus layby, bus waiting area with RTPI and shelter, safe routing of the cycle track around the back of the shelter, and separate footpaths. 


The N11 proposals at Greenfield Road can be viewed below:


Submissions and observations may be made online at www.dlrcoco.ie on or before Wednesday 19th October 2016.

Why We Are Consulting

The Traffic Section would welcome your comments on this proposal.


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