Ballinteer Park / Mayfield Terrace – Proposed one-way traffic system

Closed 20 Oct 2017

Opened 4 Oct 2017


Rationale for the proposal:-

In 2006 following complaints of rat-running from Ballinteer Park and Mayfield Terrace residents, a ‘no left’ turning ban was introduced from Ballinteer Avenue into Ballinteer Park during morning peak by dlr Traffic Section.

This has proven partially successful in reducing through traffic, which is helped by on-going monitoring every 3 – 4 weeks by the Gardai to ensure compliance.

Recent speed surveys conducted by dlr Traffic Section recorded an 85% percentile speed of 38.5Km/hr. along this roadway. Ballinteer Park / Mayfield Terrace is included in the Special 30Km/hr Speed limits introduced in July 2017.

However since the installation of the ‘no left’ turning ban the volume of traffic continues to increase in the area and rat-running continues to be an issue along a very narrow residential road.

In January 2017, dlr Traffic Section received a petition, signed by the majority of the local residents, requesting the introduction of a one-way traffic system as a method to further reduce rat-running.

Why your views matter

Assessment of the issue:-

Dlr Traffic Section is of the opinion that the ‘no left’ turning ban has provided limited success but it only applies during morning peak.

Therefore other options were considered by the Traffic Section –

  1. Closing the roadway between Ballinteer Park and Mayfield Terrace by means of bollards, to eliminate through traffic completely.

This option was ruled out as it would require the construction of a hammerhead or turning area at each side of the bollards to allow cars / trucks to turn around. Notwithstanding any objections from residents living alongside the proposed closures, this option is not possible due to the existing available road space. Also the closure would slow down the response times of the Gardai or emergency services trying to access the area. In addition there would be disruption to daily services, such as bin trucks and delivery vans as well as disruption for local residents.

  1. Extension of the existing ‘no left’ turning ban to a 24 hour basis by means of a concrete build-out at the Ballinteer Avenue - Ballinteer Park junction, (similar to the Taney Road – Taney Grove junction).

The Traffic Section are of the opinion that such a proposal would have a direct adverse effect on local residents wishing to access the Shopping Centre, schools or church on Ballinteer Avenue. While such an arrangement has been provided in other areas in the past, it has been noted that this option won’t deter some drivers who wish to turn left into Ballinteer Park from Ballinteer Avenue. As a result this arrangement could actually create a serious traffic safety concern, which was never intended.

  1. Introduction of a one-way system from the old Ballinteer Road to Ballinteer Avenue, via Mayfield Terrace and Ballinteer Park.

As the majority of the rat-running appears to be from Ballinteer Avenue to the old Ballinteer Road, especially during morning peak, the banning of this traffic would greatly reduce the volume of traffic accessing Ballinteer Park / Mayfield Terrace.

This reduction in through traffic would provide a safer environment for residents over a 24 hour basis.

The introduction of this one-way system is achievable with minimum disruption to local residents or the existing infrastructure and this option would maintain existing access arrangements to the M50 Motorway, to the local Shopping Centre, the schools and church etc. on Ballinteer Avenue, while only requiring a short detour for return journeys.

In addition this proposal won’t have any adverse effect on the surrounding road network.


Following assessment, dlr Traffic Section is of the opinion that the introduction of a one-way system along Ballinteer Park / Mayfield Terrace is the best option to reduce traffic flows and provide improved road safety for local residents. We are therefore proceeding to Public Consultation under Section 38 of the Road Traffic Act 1994 on this recommendation.

Public Consultation:-

This proposal will remain on Public Display in the Dundrum offices of Dun Laoghaire – Rathdown County Council, Dublin Office Park, off Main Street Dundrum, from Wednesday 4th October to Friday 20th October 2017.

The proposal will also be available for viewing on the Council’s website, (dlr Consultation hub).

The closing date for receipt of submissions will be 4.00pm on Friday 20th October 2017.

Submissions and observations should be in writing to –

Senior Engineer, Traffic Section, Municipal Services Department, County Hall, Marine Road, Dun Laoghaire, County Dublin or via e-mail to

Submissions should be clearly marked ‘Ballinteer Park / MayfieldTerrace one – way proposal.’





What happens next

The  consultation is now closed. Thank you for your input. We will be assessing the feedback from all respondents.


  • Dundrum Electoral Area


  • All residents


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