Cycle Parking for Sports Clubs

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Closes 30 Sep 2021


1. What is the name of your Club?
2. What is your Club's e-mail address?
3. Where is your Club located?
4. What is the Club's Eircode?
5. What is the Club's contact telephone number for the delivery of the cycle stands?
6. What position do you hold in the Club?
7. Describe your Club and the types of sports played.
8. How many members does your Club have?
9. Are there any cycle parking stands nearby?
10. If the answer to the above question is yes, how many cycle parking stands?
11. How do you promote active travel (walking and cycling) amongst your Sports Club community?
12. Please outline clearly how many cycle stands you require and if the location is a public or private area.
13. Any other comments?